Do you shut down for rain?

No, but we will shut down if there is lightning in the area.


Can we bring outside food/beverage?

We do not allow outside food/drinks. We do have a concessions stand onsite to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages.


How many can fit inside a gondola?

We can seat up to 6 full grown adults comfortably inside each gondola. The VIP gondola can only seat 5.


How long does the ride lasts?

Each ride normally lasts between 7-12 minutes.


What are your rider restrictions?

There are no restrictions pertaining to weight, height, or age.


Can I purchase tickets for a later date?

Yes, so as long as you use the ticket before it expires. Each ticket purchase is valid for one-time use or it expires after a year from the purchase date.


Do you need a reservation?

You do not need a reservation for a standard ride. The VIP gondola does require a reservation to ensure ride time.


Can you get a gondola by yourself?

We want each customer to have their own unique experience, so you will not have to share your gondola with a stranger.


Is the ride ADA accessible?

Yes, we have 2 standard gondolas that allow for wheelchair access.